By Founders, for Founders – We work directly with DTC brands & operators to help grow your business.

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Everything we do is inspired, intentional and seeks to emotionally connect with your audience.

Make Waves®  •  波を立てる  •  Hacer olas  •  

Make Waves®  •  波を立てる  •  Hacer olas  •  

Make Waves is a network of creative experts that integrate content, e-commerce and email. Our focus is to grow your business.

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the name

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the team

We are a small team of proven e-commerce & creative experts who are passionate about what we do and are confident we can grow your business. We integrate over 45 years of combined experience within content, e-commerce and email in order to build multi-million dollar brands.

Tj Kolesnik

CEO & FOunder
Head of COntent


Head of E-commerce

Eric Rausch

Head of Email Marketing

Daniel GUerra

Head of Brand Strategy

tech partners

As Make Waves Agency continues to expand its clientele and global reach, its tech partnerships remain an integral part of its journey. These collaborations exemplify Make Waves commitment to delivering unparalleled results, staying ahead of the curve, and embracing tech advancements that redefine the possibilities of digital marketing.

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